Strawberry Season - Strawberry Snowman Tard

Date:2018-10-15 16:36:03


The strawberry season is coming again~~ Now we have seen the strawberry area in the convenience store!

Each product is made from the strawberries  - like strawberry sticks, strawberry candy, strawberry chocolate ~ I really want to buy all about strawberry products ~

When it comes to strawberry season, I had ate a dessert in last year's Christmas 【Strawberry Snowman Tard】

Did you see it? The above is a snowman made from fresh strawberries. The red and green around the snowman is made of whipping cream; the bottom part is also the cream filling made with strawberries; the strawberries at the last Christmas were sour and it with fresh cream that was not too sweet.


After eating the strawberry’ snowman, the bottom of the strawberry tard was thick but not greasy. The tard is crispy with a thick strawberry filling. It is truly delicious! The taste and the sweetness of the strawberry filling just moderate. It feels like you've come to the strawberry garden and can smell the aroma of strawberries! In addition, the strawberry dessert will taste better after freezing! The frozen cream filling will not be too hard nor too soft ~

 Recently I felt the coming of spring ~ This is the best time to eat strawberry cake and a cup of hot tea!

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