fortune cookie

Date:2018-10-15 16:31:40

The New Year is had come. I heard that my horoscope this year is very good! Especially about money! Last year, I have received some cookies. It is fortune cookie. Finally I opened up in this year, to see if my luck is the same as horoscope.


It is a real fortune cookie. The cookies are solid and not too sweet. You can hear the crunchy sound of the crackling cookie when you bite it. This is best time for a cup of afternoon tea. Suddenly I found a piece of paper; I realized that I am eating fortune cookies. So I will just take it out and see.


It says: EVERYDAY IN MANY WAYS YOU'RE GROWING SMARTER AND SMARTER. It means every day I will grow up and become smarter. When I see this, I feel really good! Because people have to grow up, they will progress! I believe that the message of fortune cookies is hoping that I will move forward and accomplish my dream! I believe that everyone will continue to move forward and accomplish their dreams in the new year.

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