Turkish delight

Date:2018-10-15 16:15:43

The appearance of Turkish delights is said about in the end of the 18th century., Abdulmejid I was tired of the hard candy, he asked the chef to research and develop soft candy. A chef named Bekir Effendi, using his creativity and made the lokum (throat comfort).


It is a kind of candy made from starch and sugar. It has a variety of flavors, such as rose, orange, lemon, mint, pomegranate, etc. It also adds nuts, pistachio nuts, shredded coconut and other nuts to make red and orange, green, blue and white colors. Besides to the common square shape, they also have shape of long stripes, which are soft and firm. Because of the variety of flavors, some shops will also provide free samples, allow consumers to choose their favorite tastes before purchase.


After eating it, you will understand that the charms of the Turkish delight. From the visual colors: rose petals, green pistachios, amber shredded coconut, and a variety of ingredients create amazing scent. When people had their first bite, they were amazed. No wonder it was the dessert that created for the royal family.


Like all the classic desserts, lokum has its influence in other countries. In Greece, Turkish delights that are shaped like sausages are called loukoumi and will be served along with coffee. In California, there is a candy company call “Nory Candy”. In 1964, use the name of Rahat Locum, launched pistachios, hazelnuts, roses, mint and other Turkish delights. Nestlé and Hershey’s launched the “Big Turk Chocolate Bar” and “Bridge Mixture” chocolates in Canada. The Turkish delight was used as a filling of chocolate to give the lokum a different look.


In Taiwan, the taste that can be compared with it is the Hsin Kang Syrup, or the Chestnut Candy. The production methods and ingredients are different. If you really want to compare, the taste of lokum is softer with more fruit aroma, and the appearance of petals and shredded coconut on the surface, lokum will be more delicate. But what in common of these kinds of candy are present in the wedding as a gift for the bride’s family. It is a dessert of joy.


If you have the opportunity to visit Turkey, you must go to Haji Bekir's old shop in Bahçekapı (a neighborhood in Istanbul) and taste the Lokum. It is better to bring a cup of tea when enjoy delicious Turkish delight.

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