The gums of Jelly and pudding

Date:2018-10-15 16:14:35

Summer is coming; I really want to eat cold and refreshing snacks! Jelly and pudding are good choices! After eating a jelly just out from the refrigerator, I feel refreshed.

Many people know that the reason why jelly and pudding are so chewy is because of the thickening agent make the jelly can be shaped. In fact, there are many kinds of coagulants, such as gracilaria, agar-agar, agar, eucheuma, natural gum powder, pectin, aiyu, and gelatin.......etc. Some vegetarians must even avoid certain animal gums (gelatin) in order to enjoy sweet desserts! And what are these "gum" extracted from? The following are common "gum" introductions:



The common agar is in stripes and powders and is made from algae. Some people call it "vegetable gelatin." Because the agar powder would not dissolve at room temperature, it must be soaked in cold water before use. Dissolved in hot water above 80 °C then can be used. The jellies made with agar are slightly crunchy and hard.


Gelatin Sheets & Gelatin Powder


Gelatin is thickening agent , it is flavorless food derived from collagen obtained from various animal body parts.Jellies and puddings made with gelatin must be kept in a refrigerator. It tastes with a more firm texture than other gums. The application of gelatin is also very wide, from food processing, western medicine capsules, herbal medicines, cosmetics, wine and bonded wood, etc. Because of the different applications, different grades of are used, and industrial gelatin is not available on the market.Because gelatin contains fats and is used to make snacks such as coffee jelly and tea jelly, it can produce oily odor. Therefore gelatin is used as soft candy and capsules mostly.



The clear glaze on the cake is very popular recently, it is made by pectin. It is a kind of plant pectin that can be directly applied on the surface of cakes and other desserts to form a layer of bright plastic film. Not only makes the cake more beautiful but also has the function of preventing moisture and extending the shelf life of foods.

Note for vegetarians: What kind of snacks can used agar to replace gelatin? It is those materials that contain "low-temperature condensation characteristics", such as chocolate, cream desserts. In order to make the snacks condense in the production, you can use the agar to replace the gelatin in the recipe.

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